Heinz has teamed up with Deliveroo to bring back Heinz Beanz Pizza.

The pizzas, which were discontinued in 2003, will be available exclusively on Deliveroo from 29 March, with a limited number of 150 pizzas per restaurant. The activity is celebrating 150 years of Heinz.

Heinz said that, since the pizza was discontinued, there had been an outpouring from thousands of Brits desperate to see the iconic pizza return, including a change.org petition launched in 2017, calling for the “childhood favourite” to be brought back.

The original Margherita pizza will also be joined by a sausage variant and a vegan option.

The restaurants offering the pizza include: Joe Public (London), Pizza Punks (Glasgow, Newcastle and Belfast) and Proove (Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield). The pizzas will be priced from £7.50.

“We couldn’t be happier to be relaunching the iconic Heinz Beanz Pizza with Deliveroo for our 150th birthday,” said Heinz marketing manager Fábio Megid Pinto.

“We know there are some true fans of our ’90s frozen pizzas out there and – after a 16-year wait – hope they’re as happy today as we are to hear this absolute classic is available again, even for a limited time.”