Zizzi has created a cheesecake made with ruby chocolate.

The Italian restaurant chain, which claims to be the first in the UK to put the ingredient on the menu, has introduced the naturally pink chocolate to its autumn dessert selection.

Priced at £5.95, the Ruby Chocolate Cheesecake has a biscuit and milk chocolate base and a whipped mascarpone and ruby chocolate centre. It is finished with a slab of blended dark and ruby chocolate.

“We are so excited to be offering this new category of chocolate exclusively to Zizzi customers,” Kathryn Turner, director of Zizzi food development said.

“We are continually developing our menu with new flavours and dishes as the nation’s taste buds change. We’re proud to be giving our customers a chance to try this delicious new type of chocolate in dessert form for the first time.”

Ruby chocolate was unveiled in September last year by Barry Callebaut, which said it was the fourth type of chocolate after dark, milk and white. It is made from the ruby cocoa bean which offers a natural berry taste and colour.

In April, Nestlé rolled out a KitKat made with ruby chocolate to the UK market.

Earlier this year, Zizzi teamed up with a micro-artist to help showcase its summer menu.
Roy Tyson, an urban artist who combines miniature figures with photography to tell a story, constructed and captured holiday scenes themed on three of the Italian chain’s dishes.