Bakery ingredients manufacturer Macphie is targeting its mixes at consumers following the temporary collapse of the foodservice market.

The business has changed the format of its mixes to 6kg bags, less than half the size of its original 12.5kg packs. It is hoping to sell them to the public via wholesalers, as many are currently offering a delivery service to consumers.

With the foodservice sector forced into hibernation to prevent the spread of coronavirus, manufacturers have had to adapt to survive, said Macphie.

The Scottish firm described its Complete Bread Mix as a ‘great store cupboard essential’ to have to hand during the lockdown.

“It’s a one-stop-shop powder blend which can be made into baguettes, rolls, loaves, pizza bases and more, all with the addition of water,” added the firm.

It said its Scone Mix and Complete Pancake and Waffle Mix were well placed to tap the home baking boom.

“As well as exploring new opportunities, we’re continuing to work hard to get our products out of the door, many of which are used in NHS staff and patient meals, by nursing homes and by other key care providers,” said Warren Wells, commercial director at Macphie.

“While we continue to operate under challenging circumstances, it has been inspiring to see everyone adapt and pull together to ride this out. We continue to engage with all our partners regularly and look forward to supporting each other once normality sets back in. ”