Vegan bakery owner Mellissa Morgan has launched a bakeware line in TK Maxx.

From the founder of Ms Cupcake in Brixton, the range consists of five pieces: a 20cm sandwich mould; 20cm sandwich mould twin-pack; a 2lb loaf mould; six-cup muffin silicone mould; and eight-cup heart muffin silicone mould.

The twin sandwich mould pack has a RRP of £24, and the rest of the collection has a RRP of £12.50 each.

Speaking about the launch and the use of silicone, Morgan said: “Silicone is a very versatile product and can be used in the oven, microwave and freezer. It’s dishwasher safe, but the non-stick properties are so good is very easy to hand wash in warm water.”

She added: “Because the product isn’t steel, as the product gets older there isn’t any risk of rust spots, and the flexibility makes the release easy. It’s also really easy to store, particularly in kitchens with limited space. You can just fold it up or roll it up and put it in a draw or a storage box. Simple.”

Mellissa Morgan aka Ms Cupcake won British Baker’s 2011 Rising Star Award at the Baking Industry Awards.