Muffin Break has launched a limited-edition citrus-flavoured muffin as the third stage of its Muffin Lab concept.

The Clementine Collision, flavoured with lemon, orange and mandarin, is filled with lemon curd. It is then topped with marshmallow and sprinkled with glitter, and is available across Muffin Break stores until 11 April for £2.20.

The Muffin Lab concept was launched in January with the aim of releasing new, bold combinations on a monthly basis. The Clementine Collision follows on from a doughnut and muffin concept called a duffin, and a red velvet muffin created for Valentine’s Day.

At the launch of the concept, marketing manager Gemma Sandells said: “We hope the constant variety of new flavour offerings will keep it exciting for our customers, who are definitely seeking new taste experiences and sensations.”