The Primrose Bakery has launched a new partnership with Australian sweetener brand Natvia.

The bakery will be stocking the natural sweetener in both of its stores, and has created a lemon and poppy seed bunt cake with the product for consumers.

In a statement, the bakery said that, having had requests for sugar-free options, the union with Natvia would allow it to develop a recipe to fulfil customer need.

Rachel Wicking, assistant manager, said: “We knew we wanted to make something that stood out from the other cakes we make, but would still appeal to the tastebuds of our regular customers. Lemon and poppy seed is a classic combination that we haven’t made at the bakery before, but our Lemon Drizzle is extremely popular, so we created a lemon and poppy seed bundt cake using Natvia.”

Ingredients include lemon zest and poppy seeds soaked with lemon juice and Natvia drizzle.

Having launched in the UK in August, Natvia has also secured a partnership with EAT. The brand’s drinks portion sticks are now available in all 110 EAT Sandwich shops nationwide.

The sweetener is made from 100% natural ingredients, does not contain aspartame, sugar or saccharin, contains zero calories, is low in carbohydrates and is fructose-free.

It is now distributed to 36 countries, and used in 25,000 Australian cafés.

Wicking added that the company hoped to “broaden the range” of sugar-free options available to consumers in the future, having already received positive feedback about the cake.

Mini bundt cakes (£2.75 each) will also be available to order from the bakeries all year round.

A 200g Natvia canister has a RRP of £5.27, and a box of 40 sticks costs £5.68.