Signature Flatbreads has revealed ambitions to grow the market for chapatis in the UK and continental Europe by supplying breads prepared at its bakery in India.

Signature bakes large quantities of chapatis using atta flour at a factory near Nashik in India, and supplies them throughout the country to high-chain restaurants and hotels.

The company, which also has an operation in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, said it could offer authentic Indian-style chapatis to the UK market if there was demand.

While UK retailers including Sainsbury’s already offer chapatis containing atta flour, Signature Flatbreads joint-director William Eid said the company’s authentic atta chapatis had the potential to be popular with UK foodservice operators.

Adding that chapatis and Indian flatbreads made in the UK using British flour are of “truly excellent quality”, Eid said there was potential to expand the market by supplying breads produced in India using the local atta.

“We feel that, now, we could grow the market for chapatis in the UK and in continental Europe on the basis of the unique and recognisable taste of these breads - as we have done in the Middle East and in other parts of the world.”

Signature’s Indian bakery operation has already installed an IQF spiral freezer that could help facilitate this.

“By shipping IQF frozen chapatis to the UK, either part-baked and ready to ‘tawa’ (griddle) or fully baked, we could offer chapatis and similar flavoursome flatbreads as accompaniments to all sorts of Indian meal occasions,” Eid added.

“Indian restaurants in the UK have popularised the Indian foods that we eat, and our Indian-made chapati could be one step closer to restaurant authenticity.”