Strathmore Foods brand, Cone Bakes has released an innovative new food-to-go snack that can be served with hot or cold fillings inside a bread cone.

Cone Bake’s is a unique way of presenting food-on-the-go that is easily prepared and customers can ‘grab and go’ – a tasty snack in their hand with no mess, no fuss and easy to handle.

The cones are versatile and can work with any breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert item. It is a bread dough based product that is formed by machinery into a partly baked cone shape, which is delivered frozen.

The product has been trialled at several schools in the Scottish borders and universities around the country, which reacted well to the baked cone.

Ray Gillaspy, Business development manager at Cone Bakes told British Baker: “The first stage release for us will be distribution via wholesalers, which was the main reason for being at the lunch! show.

“It looks like Brakes in Scotland will have it first around about mid-October and we think it will be very successful.”

The brands future business strategy is to take the cone cakes into the food service and hopes to generate a new brand for Strathmore Foods.