French food manufacturer Tipiak has launched a chocolate box-inspired macaron range. 

The six-strong range pairs chocolate with a variety of flavours, including passionfruit, raspberry, coconut, orange, mint and hazelnut.

One side of each almond macaron shell is chocolate and the other is a vibrant colour to reflect the fruity flavour. The chocolate ganache centre is mixed with a fruit purée, coconut milk, 100% hazelnut spread or natural mint flavouring. The new macarons are gluten free.

“Inspired by our favourite chocolate boxes we have created flavour combinations that will appeal to every palate, as well as provide the visual impact that our macarons are famous for,” said Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak.

“The colours add an extra dimension to offerings and are sure to be a crowd-pleaser, whether presented in an impressive tower, part of an afternoon tea or served with a coffee.”

Tipiak makes 40 million macarons and 80 million canapés a year, and partners chefs and caterers in the UK and globally.