Waffle with fresh berries and KitKat sauce - Nestlé Professional 2100x1400

Source: Nestlé Professional

Waffle with fresh berries and KitKat sauce

Among the innovations showcased in recently launched bakery ingredients are flours that create less airborne dust particles and flavours that mimic real fruit purees.

There’s also a couple of cake mixes including a vegan option, a flexible sponge sheet, and a sauce that captures the flavour of the iconic KitKat chocolate bar.

Other recent NPD round-ups have focused on new sweet and savoury goodies. Now, we take a peek through the ingredients looking to make life easier, safer, and more exciting for bakers and foodservice:

Tip-Top Ultra Clean flour range, GoodMills Innovation

Source: GoodMills Innovation

Tip-Top Ultra Clean flour produces up to 80% less respirable dust compared to common wheat flour

Tip-Top Ultra Clean flour range, GoodMills Innovation

This new range of flours from the European clean label ingredients brand is said to offer a solution to the long-standing issue of fine dust for bakeries. The flours are hydrothermally treated to aggregate the fine fractions into higher density particles which settle quickly and thus limit airborne particles in the workplace.

By producing up to 80% less respirable dust compared to common wheat flour (according to IGV-Potsdam data), Tip-Top Ultra Clean flour helps to minimise an employee’s risk of exposure to respiratory diseases whilst benefitting bakeries through reduced cleaning and maintenance and a mould-free environment.

Two varieties comprise the flour range, one made from wheat grains and the other made from milled rye. Goodmills Innovation said both flours can enhance the appearance of breads, pastries and other baked goods, and when used for dusting, they result in a traditional and rustic look.


Pidy - Sponge Sheets

Source: Pidy

A Strawberry Cake Roll made with Pidy’s Neutral Sponge Sheet

Ambient sponge sheets, Pidy

Belgian pastry specialist Pidy has redeveloped its popular ambient sponge sheets to extend shelf life from four months to nine months. Available in neutral or choco flavours, the sponge sheets measure 58cm by 38cm and are flexible enough to be formed into a variety of shapes whilst remaining light, yet indulgent in texture.

The subtle taste of the neutral sponge sheets makes them compatible with a whole host of flavours, allowing menus to be easily updated to reflect emerging trends and seasonal flavours. Choco sponge sheets can be used in an indulgent chocoholic dream, or can utilise fruit to offset with a burst of freshness.


Pear Patisserie using pear puree flavour from I.T.S   2100x1400

Source: I.T.S

Pear Patisserie made using pear puree flavour from I.T.S

Fruit puree flavours, I.T.S

The Berkshire-based flavour specialist has expanded its range of natural fruit puree flavours with a handful of fresh options offering a ‘just crushed fruit taste’. The five new flavours include pear, apple, blueberry, pineapple, and guava, which add to last year’s launches of strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit, peach, apricot, banana, blackberry, and mango.

I.T.S said its new flavours, which are allergen free and suitable for vegans, have been developed to support food manufacturers meet growing consumer demand for authentic fruit flavours while mitigating the cost and supply issues that may come with the use of real fruit puree. The company noted the subtle flavour of pear had been introduced as it was gaining traction for its use in indulgent, high-end patisserie, while blueberry continued being one of its bestselling across all food categories. Guava is currently trending and allows for an intense flavour profile, it added.

Last month, I.T.S revealed it was increasing its flavour manufacturing and NPD creation capabilities with the acquisition of a second facility near its existing site in Newbury.


Dawn Foods Greek-style Lemon Yogurt Cake

Source: Dawn Foods

Greek-style Lemon Yogurt Cake

Yoghurt cake mix, Dawn Foods

Global bakery supplier Dawn Foods has launched an easy-to-use yoghurt cake mix, the classic French teatime treat featuring moist texture with the subtle tang of natural yoghurt. It can be used to make a variety of bakes from loaf cakes and muffins to Bundt cake and traybakes, all with a great volume, soft, fluffy mouthfeel, and a delicate sweetness.

Dawn noted its Yoghurt Cake Mix was developed as a contemporary twist on one of its most popular products, the Crème Cake Mix. The new mix also holds inclusions well, and requires just the addition of oil, water, and eggs. Bakers can intensify the yogurt flavour by replacing some of the water in the recipe with plain yogurt.

The launch forms part of Dawn’s Total Cake Solutions Campaign running throughout 2024, which highlights a range of cake types and ways in which bakers can premiumise classic recipes to appeal to today’s consumers. The company pointed to data from Mintel’s 2023 UK Cake Survey, which found that 44% of consumers surveyed reported that they eat cakes, cake bars, or sweet baked goods at least once a week.


KitKat sauce - Nestlé Professional 1800x1800

Source: Nestlé Professional

KitKat Sauce, Nestlé Professional

Helping foodservice operators bring the flavour of the famous chocolate bar to out-of-home dessert menus is the new KitKat Sauce, which includes pieces of wafer. It has been launched in 1kg bottles with a squeezable design, which provide 66 servings and offer a shelf life of 12 months.

Nestlé research found that almost 90% of UK consumers surveyed said they enjoy adding sauces and toppings to their ice cream.

“With over 1 billion KitKat products consumed every year in the UK, this sauce is a must-have for chefs,” commented Danielle Cartney, desserts category lead at Nestlé Professional UK&I. “The sauce is versatile and ready to go straight from the bottle. It’s perfect for filling doughnuts, croissants, and muffins, or for drizzling over fruit, waffles, cakes, crêpes, and ice cream. You can even use it as a dip for churros or shared desserts.”


Vegan Muffin & Sponge Chocolate Mix - Middleton Foods

Source: Middleton Foods

Vegan Muffin & Sponge Chocolate Mix

Vegan Muffin & Sponge Chocolate Mix, Middleton Foods

The latest addition to Middleton’s popular vegan product range is a mix to make chocolate muffins and sponge cakes. The family-owned supplier said its new mix is simple to use and ensures quality and consistency.

Said to have been developed with an innovative combination of ingredients and produced in the UK, the plant-based product requires just water to be added before mixing and baking.

Fruits or nuts can also be added for added appeal, with the 3.5kg bags of pre-mix enough to make either seven 8” cakes or 57 muffins.