Vegan Donauwelle (German Snow White Cake) made with Loryma's Lory Stab mix  2100x1400

Source: Loryma

Vegan Donauwelle (German Snow White Cake) made with Lory Stab mix

A rye bread enzyme solution, vegan cake mix, and artisan-style inclusions are among the new bakery ingredients rolled out by suppliers.

There’s also a range of more affordable chocolate drops aimed at sweet treat manufacturers trying to reduce costs.

In the round-up below, we take a closer look into the latest ingredient NPD launched for the baking sector:

Biobake Fibre Carousel3_AH&N_Biobake-Fibre HR

Source: Kerry

Rye bread made with Biobake Fibre

Biobake Fibre, Kerry

Kerry’s new enzyme solution for rye bread is said to increase volume by up to 24%, improve softness by up to 55%, and work to sustainably reduce energy and operational costs by maintaining good dough processability and ease of slicing. The Irish ingredients supplier noted these benefits come without an impact on the traditional taste and aroma of rye bread formulations over their shelf life.

According to Kerry, its patented Biobake Fibre has been released into Europe’s €17bn (£14.5bn) traditional and organic rye, rye-wheat and wholemeal bakery markets. Rye bread has enjoyed a rise in global popularity in recent years – consumption was reportedly up by 16% in 2022 and 2023 – driven by improving awareness of the health benefits from consuming a fibre-rich diet. The rye or rye-wheat blended bread category comprised 17% of the almost 15,000 new bread launches that occurred worldwide between 2021 and 2023, Kerry added.

Challenges of rye bread production include that the dough is rich in non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), in particular glucan, that compete with proteins for water absorption. This can cause stickiness, making the dough difficult to process, or a risk of collapse and crumbling of the finished bread. Kerry’s clean-label, vegetarian, and organic-suitable enzyme solution works on rye’s high concentration of NSPs, improving quality of the end product and thus saving costs resulting from dough waste.

Last year, Kerry launched Biobake Fresh Rich, an enzyme solution for sweet baked goods, and Biobake Egr, a cost-optimised egg-replacement solution for different bakery applications.


Vegan muffins made with Loryma's Lory Stab mix 2100x1179

Source: Loryma

Vegan muffins made with Lory Stab mix

Lory Stab, Loryma

As the latest expansion of the German ingredients specialist’s wheat-based portfolio, this functional vegan cake mix replicates the properties of egg or milk in bakery products. This results in a convincing visual appearance and authentic mouthfeel for the likes of muffins, sponge cakes, cake bases or lava cakes, that typically have an airy texture, light crumb, and consistent pore structure, according to Loryma.

The stabilising and raising components create a loose and elastic crumb structure, which affords the characteristic mushroom-shaped bulge in muffins, for example. The Lory Stab concentrate can also be combined with other ingredients such as flour, sugar, oil, water and flavourings to make all types of plant-based dough, into which inclusions such as chocolate chunks or fruit can easily be incorporated.

“Thanks to the balanced cost-benefit ratio, Lory Stab is an economical and efficient solution for manufacturers who want to broaden their market appeal,” said Norbert Klein, head of research and development at Loryma. 


Kastanienerbse and Wood-fired Malt, GoodMills Innovation

Delicatessen crust loaf made with GoodMills Innovation's Kastanienerbse

Source: GoodMills Innovation

Deli-style loaf made with Kastanienerbse

Two new additions to the Slow Milling range of plant-based bakery solutions have been unveiled by the clean-label ingredients brand, which is part of Europe’s largest milling organisation GoodMills Group.

Kastanienerbse is derived from roasted yellow pea and promises a nutty flavour, firm bite and moist, rich crumb. It is also the ideal substitute for soy groats (soy is often linked to GMO issues), replicating their taste and texture. Meanwhile Wood-fired Malt, which GoodMills describes as a rare product in the market, offers the aromatic flavour typical of goods baked in a wood-fired oven.

Both of these ingredients are said to address growing consumer preference for artisan-style bakery items, yet allowing for large-scale manufacture.


Norte Eurocao range, Henley Bridge

Ingredients specialist Henley Bridge has unveiled an exciting new range of chocolate drops to help struggling makers navigate the ‘cost of living’ crisis.

The range comprises:

  • Wengue Dark chocolate (70% couverture)
  • Haya Dark chocolate (60% couverture)
  • Mara Milk chocolate (34% couverture)
  • Miravet White chocolate (30% couverture)

All of the chocolates are Rainforest Alliance certified, and suitable for kosher and halal diets. Sunflower lecithin is used as an emulsifier as opposed to soya, therefore making the range suitable for consumers who have a soya allergy.

“The cocoa market is currently at a 30-year high, putting pressure on chocolate prices,” said David Cratchley, purchasing and NPD manager at Henley Bridge, noting that the Norte Eurocao range is produced in Spain, where production costs are lower than in Belgium.