1 Sapore Lavida sourdough starter, Puratos UK

Source: Puratos

Sapore Lavida sourdough starter

Aromatic sourdough starters, high-protein flours, and on-trend flavoured inclusions are among the new bakery ingredients unveiled by suppliers.

It’s been a particularly busy time for ingredient innovation recently, with our previous NPD round-up just a few weeks back.

Now we check out the latest launches from baking industry heavyweights including AB Mauri, Dawn Foods, Puratos, and GoodMills Innovation:

Yuzu Cupcakes made with Dawn Foods' Exceptional Compound Yuzu

Source: Dawn Foods

Yuzu Cupcakes made with Exceptional Compound Yuzu

Exceptional Compound Yuzu, Dawn Foods UK & Ireland

As the newest product in Dawn’s Total Cake Solutions programme, the easy-to-use concentrate liquid compound helps add the distinctive citrus flavour of yuzu to neutral creams, fonds, frostings and fondants, as well as other sweet bakery applications such as loaf cakes and éclairs.

Yuzu is described as a blend between lemon and grapefruit with complex herbal and floral notes. One of the fastest growing flavours in sweet bakery (as highlighted in our recent Top Doughnut Trends report), it pairs well with other fruits such as lemon and orange as well as chocolate and even chilli.

Delivering a more intense flavour and natural yellow colour but at a lower price than real fruit purees, which are often not suitable for all applications, the compound from Dawn can be used straight from the 1kg bottle.


Sapore Lavida sourdough starter, Puratos

The first completely traceable active sourdough, Sapore Lavida, has been unveiled by Puratos. Made exclusively with 100% wholewheat flour sourced from farsm using regenerative agriculture practices, the sourdough enables bakers to meet growing demand for locally produced, sustainably-sourced bakery products.

Lavida is said to offer a tangy flavour profile in all application, with fruity, balanced lactic and acetic notes – it enhances fibre content in white bread too. It was created as a result of partnerships with Belgian farmers located less than 200km from the company’s factory on the outskirts of Brussels, who are pioneering regenerative agriculture.

High-quality, regenerative wholewheat flour is sourced through cooperatives including Cultivae and Farm For Good, ensuring a transparent and traceable supply chain from farm to fork, noted Puratos. Lavida is the latest addition to its Sapore range of living and inactive sourdoughs and follows on from the February launch of Sapore Sally, which is made with Wildfarmed regenerative flour.


Rustic bread made with Smart Wheat high-protein flour by GoodMills Innovation  1934x1400

Source: GoodMills Innovation

Rustic bread made with Smart Wheat high-protein flour

Smart Wheat high-protein flour, GoodMills Innovation

Hamburg-based GoodMills Innovation has developed a solution to the problem of fluctuating protein content in wheat flour, which impacts the water absorption, dough processing, and baked product quality. Its Smart Wheat compensates for apparent declining protein content of wheat in recent years, blamed on EU fertiliser regulations and the increased occurrences of drought.

Obtained from protein-rich, high-stretch wheat through ‘purely physical fractionation’, GoodMills noted it does not use water for rinsing or high temperatures during production. Instead, it finely grinds its flour via a gentle crushing process, which separates the highly active protein particles while preserving its natural functionality.

Compared to doughs prepared with conventional gluten, Smart Wheat provides a predictable and reliable dough quality, allowing for a higher volume of baked goods. It is suitable for a range of products including multigrain and wholemeal baked goods, yeast doughs, and Berliners, with recommended dosages of between 2% and 10%.


Aromaferm sourdough pastes, AB Mauri

Three new sourdough pastes have been introduced to the UK market by AB Mauri, comprising of malts, seeds, and grains to enhance flavour, texture, and aroma. These join its already extensive portfolio of sourdough products including starter cultures and inactive powders and pastes, and active and inactive liquids.

The newly launched Aromaferm trio includes:

  • Holflake Paste 25 – made with fermented malted barley flour at its base and soaked malted UK wheat grains from AB Mauri’s own wheat maltings in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, creating products with a deep malty crust and crumb colour as well as great flavour
  • Sprouted MG Paste 30 – a perfect split between malty flavours and aromas, with the textural benefits of sprouted grains
  • Sponge & Dough 15 – using sourdough fermentation methods to replicate the flavour profile of traditional yeast fermentation, this delivers great UK craft sponge and dough flavours and aromas within the finished bread

Other benefits of using sourdough pastes within the likes of bread and rolls include the ability to add soaked seeds and grains into the product (as opposed to dried), to reduce moisture migration, and to maintain softness, freshness, and quality over the products’ shelf life.


Dawn Foods Donuts using Coconut and Bueno Delicream Fillings  1581x1800

Source: Dawn Foods

Doughnuts made with Coconut and Bueno Delicream fillings

Coconut and Bueno Delicreams, Dawn Foods UK & Ireland

Two new creamy fillings in flavours of coconut and Bueno (as in the hazelnut chocolate bar) have been rolled out by Dawn to help bakers “transform the ordinary into the exceptional”.

Made using 7% real coconut paste, the Delicream Coconut is touted as the perfect choice for toppings and fillings in summer bakes including cupcakes and whoopie pies.

The Delicream Bueno, meanwhile, has a smooth and creamy texture and combines real hazelnuts with white chocolate. Dawn suggests generous swirls of the cream topped on dark chocolate Genoese sponge cake and then decorated with chocolate curls.

The supplier notes that the ingredients are ideal for spreading, piping or filling, and can be used straight from the pail or heated gently for more malleability. As they do not contain water, they offer a longer shelf life.