Sourdough in a jar surrounded by flour dusted sourdough loaves

Source: Puratos UK

Ingredients supplier Puratos UK has unveiled a ready-to-use sourdough made with Wildfarmed’s regenerative flour.

Part of its Sapore range of living and inactive sourdoughs, Sapore Sally is a living sourdough that has been designed to help large bakeries diversify their portfolios with locally produced, sustainably sourced sourdough products, the supplier said.

It is described as having a ‘creamy, slightly tangy taste’ and can be used to naturally enhance the flavour of a standard bread, or, when combined with a sourdough starter, adapt the flavour of a sourdough loaf.

Bubbly sourdough in a brown kilner jar

Source: Puratos UK

Sapore Sally

“As part of our commitment to continuous innovation and responsible sourcing, we’re developing our successful Sapore range to cater to the evolving needs and values of conscious consumers – sustainability, naturalness and health,” said Philippa Knight, marketing director at Puratos UK.

She pointed to Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow research, which found that 68% of UK consumers seek out food that has been produced sustainably while 58% want to be informed about where their food comes from. “With Sapore Sally, we deliver on this hunger for knowledge and thirst for transparency, offering natural, locally- and sustainably-produced ingredients,” Knight added.

As well as working with Wildfarmed in the UK, Puratos is also developing products made with regeneratively farmed flour in Belgium, Italy, and Australia.

Wildfarmed works with over 100 farmers across the UK and France who embrace regenerative approaches to improve farm biodiversity and soil condition. All Wildfarmed crops are grown without the use of pesticides, and growers, who all are independently audited, must adhere to a robust set of the Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards.

Rachel Stonehouse, Wildfarmed’s NPD Manager, added: “The launch of Sapore Sally with Puratos provides bakers with a further way to incorporate Wildfarmed regenerative flour into their recipes, contributing towards our mission of ensuring landscapes across the UK become full of life once again. Plus, by adding Wildfarmed flour to a product as part of this alive, slow fermented sourdough, it allows the complex and unique flavours and aromas of Wildfarmed flour to really shine through – resulting in products that taste better and are better for you and the planet.”

The movement is gaining pace in the baking industry with The Bread Factory, Higgidy and Simply Lunch among those to switch to Wildfarmed flour in their products. M&S was an early adopter of Wildfarmed using its flour to create the M&S X Wildfarmed range, which included Sliced Wheat & Rye, Sunflower & Spelt, Fruit & Treacle, and White Bread. Since then, the two have expanded upon this to add regenerative flour to M&S’ in-store bakery sourdough and secured a trophy for Sustainability Initiative of the Year at the 2023 Baking Industry Awards.