An industrial sieve used for cleaning seeds

Source: Silvery Tweed Cereals

Silvery Tweed Cereals has invested in a new sieve for its Berwick-upon-Tweed factory in Northumberland which will enable it to boost the efficiency of its seed cleaning line.

The sieve has been added at the start of the company’s allergen-free seed cleaning line and will improve the overall efficacy and efficiency of the entire line as well as enhancing and improving the standards of seed cleaning, the family-owned business said.

Robert Gladstone Silvery Tweed

Source: Silvery Tweed Cereals

Robert Gladstone

Discussing the reasons behind the investment, Silvery Tweed Cereals managing director, Robert Gladstone said: “We identified this investment opportunity through our ongoing analysis of contaminants as we endeavour to supply best-in-class products to customers. Our standards are already high, but we are always seeking to raise the bar through innovation and investment.

“As our procurement base evolves, the new sieve means that we can handle seeds and grains from wider sources and different origins while continuing to offer our customers the high standard of product they expect from us,” he added.

The upgrade follows a £600k investment in 2022 which saw Silvery Tweed install a new line to create a dedicated allergen-free seed cleaning plant. This allowed an even wider range of ingredients to be processed for customers as well as shortening the supply chain from field to fork by reducing the need to transport uncleaned seeds to a specialist facility, the firm noted.

Silvery Tweed supplies ingredients to the UK breakfast cereal, bread, and bakery markets. It employs more than 70 people to manage its operation which sees it clean and process grain from growers largely based in the Borders area within a 40-mile radius of its Berwick-upon-Tweed base. This includes Silvery Tweed’s family farm, The Mead, which was brought into the business in 2022.

The firm’s output includes cereal flakes, grain and multi-seed blends, flour – to the unusual, with bespoke products such as puffed grains and granola clusters supplied to many of the UK’s top cereal and bakery brands.