Bakery employers are being urged to sign up to a £10m industry bid for funding for training before they miss the deadline tomorrow (26 March).

The bid is being put together by sector body the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink.

Chief executive Justine Fosh told British Baker that under the government’s new Employer Ownership of Skills initiative, funding for training will be paid to employers to buy in training provision.

She commented: “We are bidding on behalf of the food industry for £10m over three years. The food and drink industry has to join together to get this money and make its case against other industrial sectors. Bakery businesses can register quickly online to be part of the bid with a follow-up phone call, and that will give access to some of that funding.”

In the past, public funding for training initiatives was channelled through training providers, such as colleges and private training companies, which made successful bids for public funds.

These then offered businesses discounted, or sometimes free, training, with costs offset by the public funds.

Now, as part of a pilot of the new system, £200m funds will no longer go to training providers in 2013/14. Instead, they will go direct to businesses that take part in a successful bid.

These employers will then be able to select a training provider to deliver the skills training they require.

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