A former City banker has found success in bakery following the launch of a low-carbohydrate bread.

Founder of Plan Bread, Paul Shackleton, who set up the company last year, has been inundated with enquiries after receiving coverage of his innovative new product in the national press.

Originally setting his sights on creating the lowest-calorie bread he could, Shackleton said extensive research made him realise that calories were not everything when it came to a healthy diet and, instead, he focused his efforts on creating a low-carbohydrate bread.

As someone who avoided eating heavy sandwiches at lunch, when he worked in the City, he wanted to come up with an alternative for people who still enjoyed a sandwich, but who didn’t want a carbohydrate-heavy meal, he told British Baker.

Following the testing of creations such as red cabbage bread and courgette bread, he hit upon success using broccoli as the main component in the loaf, which contains just 2.1g of carbohydrates per 100g.

Shackleton said: “It first went out for testing a month ago, and I have only been selling it for about a week.”

He currently takes online orders for sandwich deliveries (£20 minimum order) – “the bread is not available as a standalone product at the moment” – and he said the feedback has been very positive.

At present, Shackleton runs the business on his own, but said he may have to look to bring in extra staff by the end of this week.

“In the long term I’d like to explore opportunities in other areas for low-carbohydrate products, such as low-carb pizza bases,” he said, adding that he was also looking to bring out additional varieties of low-carbohydrate bread.