M&S follows ‘healthy’ policy with new loaves

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has launched three new loaves of bread as part of the company’s new healthy initiative.

The new loaves launched by the food and clothing chain include a Sprouted Grain Loaf at £1.30 for 400g, which is packed full of vitamins and made with malted wheat and sprouted barley and spelt; a Muesli Breakfast Loaf at £1.30 for 400g with raisins, oats, sunflower seeds, cranberries and coconut; and an Oat, Barley & Honey Loaf at £1.30 for 400g, which will be the first loaf to launch into M&S Active Health.

Available in selected M&S stores now, they are all pre-packed and come ready-sliced. The company has launched the year with a positive view on healthy breads, as it was recently announced that its entire range of bread and rolls will consist of more fibre from now on.

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