== It’s breakfast time ==

The 10th annual Farmhouse Breakfast Week, run by the HGCA, will take place from 25-31 January 2009. Hundreds of events are expected to take place across the country, aimed at making people think more about the importance of breakfast. Bakers could promote toast, crumpets or muffins as the breakfast of choice. Promotional material and information is available by calling 020 7520 3968 or emailing nutrition@hgca.com.

== NPD goes ’natural’ ==

’Natural’ became the buzzword on UK bakery product launches last year, with two-fifths featuring the claim. According to Mintel’s Global New Products Database, 41% were classified as natural, up from 37% in 2007. These included ’all natural’, ’no additives/preservatives’, ’organic’ and ’wholegrain’ claims. Mintel analyst David Jago predicted this trend would continue in 2009.

== Interest in Megans ==

The administrator of Megans Bakery in South Wales, Resolve Partners, has stated that there have been "a lot of people expressing an interest in the business and/or its assets".

== Peter Ward ==

Peter Ward, former CEO of Puratos UK and chairman of the British Society of Baking from 1989 to 1990, has died. Peter did a tremendous amount of work for the Society as an executive committee member and then as chairman. With Jean Grieves he helped initiate the BSB Scholarship Awards. Peter suffered an aneurysm and the effects meant he had to take early retirement from Puratos. However, his house was next door to the Puratos R&D and demonstration bakery in Oxfordshire, so he still enjoyed keeping in touch.