== Reduced sat fat ads ==

United Biscuits has launched an advertising campaign to highlight the achievement it has made in reducing saturated fat in its McVitie’s Digestives, Rich Tea and HobNobs brands by 50%. The campaign will run for eight weeks.

== Bakery for sale ==

East Lothian-based wholesale business Trusty Crust Organic Bakery is up for sale, including a fully equipped bakery and delivery vans. The owners have said it would suit someone starting up, as it has an established customer base. It is certified organic (UK4) and full support is available from East Lothian Economic Development. Interested parties should call: 01875 341098.

== Beacon lights up ==

Ingredients specialist Beacon Foods has passed its British Retail Consortium (BRC) audit with distinction. MD Edward Gough said he hoped achieving this standard would help the company attract new business and reinforce its commitment to food safety and quality.

== Delice tart delights ==

Foodservice supplier Delice de France has won bronze for its Spinach and Goat’s Cheese Savoury Tart at the British Frozen Food Federation Awards in the Best New Meat Free/Vegetarian Product category. It is supplied frozen, ready-to-bake and is made using shortcrust pastry.

== Gluten-free lessons ==

Delicious Alchemy and The Springboard Charity are inviting bakers, chefs and front-of-house staff to their first Gluten-Free Masterclasses on Friday, 4 September 2009, at Westminster College, London. The classes will focus on preparing gluten-free meals and afternoon tea. Call 020 7497 8654 or visit www.events.springboarduk.net for details.