Gloucester bakery, Janes Pantry has installed a two-terminal Recipe Formulation System from Dataprocess Stevens in Blackburn. The system has been designed to provide recipe traceability, as well as product consistency and the elimination of scrap batches caused by formulation errors.

"By installing this system into our bakery, we’ve saved around 5% of our annual raw ingredients cost and have virtually eliminated bad batches caused by operator error," explained Janes Pantry MD Neville Morse. "I had no idea that enforcing weighing tolerances would produce such an improvement to our bottom-line profitability."

The Vantage system provides recipe control by enabling the production manager to schedule the daily requirements for the recipe batches on the PC in advance. The batch requirements are then displayed on the Vantage Touch Screen, enabling operators to select from the list of requirements without using a paper production schedule.

The operator is prompted through the recipe formulation process, one ingredient at a time, ensuring the weighing tolerances are met and no over- or under-weighing occurrences can spoil a batch. Lot numbers for each ingredient are recorded to provide a comprehensive audit trail.