Pidy said it has become the first company in the bakery sector to sell a range of pastry and catering lines targeted at foodservice on internet retailer Amazon.

Pidy’s management believes it will offer customers a faster, more efficient service and give the business a significant edge on its rivals.

Robert Whittle, Pidy’s UK general manager, explained: "Sourcing our products on Amazon means any customer with bakery operations can now get hold of new products almost as soon as they are launched.

"No longer will customers have to ask their distributor to stock the items they need. They can just google and place an order for delivery the next day or soon after."

He said the advantage to customers when using this medium was that new launches could be made available within a week, placing Pidy in a prime position to meet market demands.

>>Pastry pull

The original focus was intended to be on its core range of about 45 items, including canapés, ready-to-fill tartlets and quiche shells, but the selection has now been extended.

Whittle said: "Now they can not only obtain the products from Amazon but also Pastry Post, which is a dedicated supplier of most Pidy staples.

"It’s a revolution I believe will have some impact on larger distributors. The swiftness of our response and the competitive prices we are able to charge is going to push established market forces into reviewing their policies if they wish to compete in time to come."

He added: "We’re not in the Guinness Book of Records yet, but we believe Pidy did it first. No doubt others will follow suit when they see what advantages it brings to all concerned."