Welsh wholesale bakery Popty Cae Groes, based in Bethesda, Snowdonia, has regained the contract to supply supermarket Morrisons with its speciality bara brith and Welsh cakes. These had previously been delisted after Morrisons bought Safeway.

The bakery’s cause was helped by customer pressure in north and mid-Wales after aficionados of bara brith found the supermarket shelves devoid of the cakes. Bakery owner Marian Williams puts the contract stoppage down to a breakdown in communication, but is pleased to have restarted supplies, as Safeway had been a regular customer for a number of years. A typical weekly order from Morrisons is 2,000 packets of Welsh cakes and 800-900 bara brith. The Welsh cakes and bara brith are made to secret recipes handed down by Mrs Williams’ grandparents, who started the business.

Mrs Williams is looking to expand the arrangement, with more Morrisons stores being supplied with a wider range of products. Madeira cake and Swiss rolls are currently being trialled in two outlets. It also supplies cakes to 22 Co-op stores and local Spar outlets.