Earth & Wheat James Eid

Source: Earth & Wheat

James Eid, founder of Earth & Wheat

Wonky bread and baked goods subscription service Earth & Wheat has become the first business to sign up to Hermes’ new Stay Fresh parcel delivery service.

The Stay Fresh option has been designed for parcels containing fresh and raw produce. Under the new next-day service Hermes ‘guarantees’ first-time delivery within a two-hour ETA. It also offers additional ‘leave safe’ options, including photos and geo-pinning.

Earth & Wheat launched in March 2021, aiming to reduce food waste at the point of production. The green tech start-up ‘rescues’ bread and other baked goods which would otherwise have been binned due to its odd size or unattractive appearance.

Founder James Eid first used his access to his family business, Signature Flatbreads, to develop the subscription service but has since been seeking other independent bakeries around the UK to work with. In June, the company announced it had rescued 30,000kg of baked goods from being wasted in less than three months.

“Earth & Wheat is delighted to partner with Hermes, who are one of the most recognised delivery companies in the country,” Eid said, Our subscriber base is increasing all the time and, as an online delivery platform of food, it is crucial our customers receive their Earth & Wheat boxes as soon as possible.

“The partnership with Hermes reinforces our commitment to our subscribers that bread they receive from their Earth & Wheat box is likely to be fresher than the bread available on the supermarket shelves as it is delivered straight from bakeries,” he added.

Lynsey Aston, head of product, innovation and onboarding at Hermes UK, expressed her “delight” at supporting Earth & Wheat on its sustainability journey.

“In this case, Stay Fresh diverts food that may otherwise not have been sold so we’re excited to be in partnership with Earth & Wheat,” she said.