High street retail giant Marks & Spencer (M&S) has seen sales of its ‘healthy breads’ up 37% on last year, noting that people were seeing the benefits of eating the carbohydrate.

The retailer said sales of its Champion Seeds and Grains Loaf had gone up a whopping 125% and Super Seeded Loaf up 24% compared to last year.

In light of this the upmarket grocer has launched a new range of healthy loaves, formulated around seeds, wholemeal and wholegrain.

M&S nutritionist Helen Stevenson said: “For years, bread has fallen foul of low-carb diets, but now people are learning they don’t need to steer clear of the bread aisles. Customers are realising bread can help rather than hinder their diet plan!

“Many breads are packed with vitamins and minerals, especially if you opt for wholegrain varieties with added seeds. Wholegrain and wholemeal breads are also full of fibre, a nutrient that we are short of in our diets. Adults should aim to eat 18g of fibre per day, but most adults in the UK only consume around 12g.”

The new range includes a sunflower and pumpkin seed loaf and a pack of sunflower and chia rolls. 

This comes after figures from Kantar Worldpanel found wrapped bread sales were down 5.7% this January compared to last year.