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Mr Kipling owner Premier Foods has rolled out two new modern working policies designed to support its colleagues, including those going through menopause or gender reassignment.

Under the new policies, employees going through menopause, medical treatment relating to gender reassignment or fertility treatment will be able to take paid time off. Leave will not be capped and will be granted to office-based and factory colleagues, on an at-need basis.

The business will also provide training for all 4,000-plus colleagues on trans inclusivity and support both female and male managers to better understand the menopause.

At the same time, Premier Foods has launched its new Parental Network which aims to support new parents or parents-to-be. Colleagues, as well as their families, will have access to three 1:1 maternity coaching sessions and enter into an optional Buddy Scheme to help them transition back into work after parental leave. Through the network, colleagues can discuss their experiences and challenges with other colleagues confidentially and have access to online training and resources.

“As the workplace and our workforce constantly evolves, it’s important that our policies reflect these changes and help us support our colleagues through whatever they may be facing,” said Premier Foods group HR director David Wilkinson.

“Last year we launched a flexible working policy under the theme of ‘modern working’ and although they’re all different topics within their own right, the launch of our menopause and transgender policies, as well as our new parental network, all form part of a bigger picture, which is to champion modern ways of working. Together, they form part of our wider ambition to create an inclusive place of work, where life events don’t become barriers to people reaching their potential.”

Last year, Premier Foods introduced a hybrid working model for office-based colleagues which means they can work wherever they choose. More than 800 colleagues can now work where they feel most productive.