Teamwork makes the dream work, as demonstrated by the close-knit, well managed teams that have been selected as finalists this year.

Judges for the category, which is sponsored by Unifiller, sought to highlight solid examples of teamwork that drive success, growth and efficiency for businesses.

Here’s who is in the running for Team of the Year at the Baking Industry Awards 2022:


Bakers in white coats and hats in a bakery

Source: Flourish Craft Bakery

Flourish Craft Bakery

The judges said the coaching and caring go visibly hand in hand at this bakery. “All of the 80 team members are encouraged to learn new skills and collaborate. The people really matter here – and it shows. There is commitment from the leadership to developing people and providing opportunities and an environment in which everyone can thrive.”

The business sits in the middle of an industrial estate in Watford and comprises a bustling cafe, shop, and pizzeria behind which is the bakery that mainly supplies the wholesale market.

Last year the company launched staff appreciation awards dubbed ‘Flourfest’ where all the different departments come together to enjoy a barbecue.


Women in festive clothing

Source: Shuga Budz

Shuga Budz

The energy of the creative environment at Shuga Budz in Wolverhampton really wowed the judges, who also commented on how the thoughtful leadership worked to draw out the collective best from the team.

“It felt like a great place to work,” they said, “with a real buzz and shared passion.”

“We all bounce off each other,” says owner Amelia Nutting. “At the end of each week we meet to discuss the following week’s orders. This allows us to get ahead and allocate cakes to the best suited artist. It also gives us a chance to problem-solve, speak up, and express our ideas. If anyone wants to try something new, we all support them.”



The Street Bakeshop team

Source: The Street Bakeshop

The Street Bakeshop

The knowledge share here was tangible, said the judges; everyone contributed, which resulted in an adept and highly skilled team. They added that subtle and thoughtful leadership from the senior team of owner Tim Goodwin, head of pastry Natalia Matusik, senior bread baker Jordan Turner and front of house manager Sonia Crimando was evident, helping to tease out the best of the talent of the 35 members of staff.

Within the business, which is based at Old Basing in Hampshire, the feedback loops are deliberately short so that decisions are made quickly, and everyone knows what they need to do; it’s clearly working as the business pushed turnover up by £600k last year.

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