A vanilla cupcake with edible football and football boots on top

Source: Getty Images

Cupcakes, sweet sharing platters and sandwiches are expected to be among the big hitters with football fans as the World Cup kicks off on 20 November, according to CSM Ingredients.

Football themed products are also anticipated to do well, according to the supplier which suggested creating treats in an array of colours relating to the competing teams could prove lucrative. This can be done through toppings, for example, utilising a mix of decadent and affordable products.

With the World Cup taking place in winter this year, it is expected more celebrations will be held indoors at home so it’s important to ensure products suit this format while also tapping into winter flavours for wider appeal, CSM added. On-trend flavours this season include spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, as well as sticky toffee, salted caramel, and pumpkin spice.

The World Cup culminates on 18 December leaving bakers with a four-week window to capitalise on the sporting event and celebrations that come with it.

“It’s the perfect opportunity for bakers to create a specific range utilising popular products such as cookies, doughnuts, celebration cakes, cupcakes and muffins as well as creating celebratory sandwiches using a high-quality bread mix,” said Cristiana Ballarini, marketing director for pastry mixes at CSM Ingredients.

“Recent research showed that the preciousness of happy moments in consumers’ day- to-day lives makes pleasure a topic worth taking seriously, and football can deliver on this. Enjoyment is key and evening chocolate and sweet treats form part of this,” she adds.

Affordability is another important factor, according to Ballarini, who said that products including stuffed cookies, doughnut towers and cupcake party bags should be priced accordingly.