Breakfast muffin

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  • Publication date: Wednesday 1 February 2023
  • Editorial submissions deadline: Friday 20 January 2023
  • Editorial contact: Amy North

The out of home market took a hit during the pandemic as the nation turned to toast at their home office over a croissant and cappuccino on their commute.

So, what does the out of home breakfast market look like in 2023?

Key areas this article will explore include:

  • What do consumers want from an out of home breakfast in 2023? Is it a daily ritual or more of a treat for the weekend?
  • How has the breakfast occasion performed in the out of home market over the past year?
  • How does this compare to pre-pandemic? What are the driving factors behind this?
  • What are the top bakery items in the out of home breakfast market? How has this evolved post-pandemic and how could it change in the future?
  • How are the main operators in this space performing?
  • How are the operators changing their strategies in response to customer demand?