From indie bakers to some of the UK’s biggest bakery brands, businesses have been crafting new and innovative delights for this festive season.

We took a look at 10 new Christmas products last month, and here we profile 10 more including new twists on mince pies, yule log and even pigs in blankets:


Luminary choc orange

Source: Luminary Bakery

Letterbox Chocolate Orange Brownies, Luminary Bakery

Luminary Bakery’s take on the classic chocolate orange festive flavour are these brownies made with 70% dark chocolate and orange extract, topped with dry oranges dipped in chocolate. They are available at £18 for a box of six and £28 for 12. Other products in the Luminary Christmas range are mince pies, Christmas fruit cakes and sticky toffee celebration cake.


Savour It Pigs in Blankets Christmas 2023

Source: Country Choice

Pigs Under Blankets Toastie, Country Choice

Part of Country Choice’s bake-in-pack Savour It range, this Pigs Under Blankets Toastie is white bloomer bread filled with Cumberland sausages, streaky bacon, cranberry sauce and pork, sage & onion stuffing. It is topped with white sauce, Cheddar, mozzarella, and onions. The business has also rolled out a Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake and a Chocolate Cupcake in its festive offerings.


Piglets Pantry Mockaron

Source: Piglet’s Pantry

Festive Mockaron Selection Box, Piglet’s Pantry

While classic French macarons use almonds, these Mockaron’s from Piglet’s Pantry are completely free of nuts. Each selection box contains 18 Mockarons, six of each colour – the Green Mockaron features white chocolate and star decorations; the Chocolate Mockaron is decorated with a chocolate reindeer nose and antlers; and the Red Vanilla Mockaron has a ganache filling and a chocolate buckle decoration.


Mnce pie cookie cups

Source: Blondies Kitchen

Blondies Kitchen is offering a twist on the festive favourite with these vanilla cookie dough cups filled with traditional mince dried fruit filling (£20.99 for six and £34 for 12). Among the other products in the business’ Christmas range is a 12-inch milk chocolate cookie with an iced border, sugar decorations and the option of a personalised message (pictured at top of article).


krispy kreme buddy

Source: Krispy Kreme

Elf doughnut range, Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is marking the 20th anniversary of classic Christmas movie Elf with a range of doughnuts inspired by Buddy and his festive adventures. The line-up comprises:

  • Buddy Snow Globe – the Original Glazed Doughnut gets a makeover with blue icing, sprinkles, and a sugar Elf
  • Santa Belly – with a Cookies & Kreme filling, dipped in red and chocolatey icing, and hand-finished with a chocolate golden belt buckle
  • Christmas Lights – coated in chocolatey icing, and hand decorated with green icing and sprinkles
  • Treemendous doughnut – with a mint chocolatey filling, topped with festive sprinkles and finished with a chocolate flake

Soreen's Christmas Loaf

Christmas Loaf, Soreen

Soreen has brought back its Deliciously Snowy Christmas Loaf this year (rsp: £1.50). The loaf contains a mix of raisins, currants and cherries, along with a hint of citrus and winter spices, and is described by Soreen as ‘tasting just like a Christmas Pudding’. The business has also brought back its limited-edition individually wrapped Mini Loaves in two festive flavours, Raspberry & White Chocolate and Gingerbread.


jaffa tree render

Source: Pladis

McVitie’s Jaffa Tree, Pladis

This tree-shaped package (rsp: £3) contains three Jaffa Cakes Snack Packs and three of the brand’s hybrid Jaffa Jonuts. Other festive products launched by Pladis this year include: a McVitie’s Penguin Cracker (rsp: £1.25) containing a Penguin Bar, Mini Penguins Pack and a Christmas party hat; and a revamped McVitie’s Victoria Chocolate Creations pack that contains eight chocolate biscuit varieties (rsp: £6.75 / 340g).



Source: Finsbury Food Group

Baileys Chocolate Yule Log, Finsbury Food Group

Finsbury has revamped its Baileys Yule Log (rsp: £6), replacing last year’s Salted Caramel flavour with classic chocolate. This comprises a layer of Baileys-flavoured ganache that covers a chocolate sponge rolled with a milk chocolate filling and glazed with a layer of milk chocolate. Other products in Finsbury’s festive line-up are a Baileys Classic Chocolate Layer Cake, Baileys Red Velvet Brownies, and Thorntons Gingerbread Caramel Shortcake Bites.


Exploding bakery

Source: Exploding Bakery

Black Forest Brownie, Exploding Bakery

Available online and at Fortnum & Mason, this brownie contains cherries, Somerset cider brandy and almond, and has a topping of white chocolate. “Our goal at Exploding Bakery is to push the boundaries of flavour by using the real and best ingredients possible which result in cakes that leave a lasting impression,” explains the supplier.


Pukka and LadBaby Christmas Dinner Pie 10

Source: Pukka

Christmas Dinner Pie, Pukka

The limited-edition Christmas Dinner pie (rsp: £2) features chicken, sage & onion stuffing, chipolata sausages, smoked bacon and roast chicken gravy in puff pastry. Pukka has teamed up with Christmas hit maker LadBaby to launch the pie, and 10p from the sale of each pie is being donated to the Trussell Trust, raising money to aid the charity’s work in supporting people facing hardship.