Brits’ love of afternoon tea has helped to boost UK macaron sales for French manufacturer Tipiak.

The company reported that sales of its macarons have increased by 24% year on year in 2017.

Other reasons for the rise in popularity included the fashion for “eye-catching” images on social media and the wide varieties of macarons, such as gluten-free, which appeal to all consumers.

Ahead of National Macaron Day on 20 March, Tipiak said it expected demand to grow further.

“Demand for authentic macarons has shot up over the past two years and we are thrilled to see how popular the Tipiak macarons are in the UK foodservice sector,” said Tipiak international development project manager Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé.

“Tipiak macarons have a higher almond content than most other macarons in the marketplace and are also less sweet. This is bang on-trend for those consumers who are willing to pay a little bit more for a smaller, better-quality, tastier and more enjoyable treat.”

Tipiak said the Macaron Day tradition was established in 2005 in Paris, France, as a partnership among local French patissiers.