Iceland has expanded its pastry offer with exclusive Baileys-branded profiteroles.

The choux-pastry puffs are part of the liquor brand’s ‘premium dessert’ range, and contain Baileys-flavoured cream. They are currently retailing for £2 exclusively at Iceland.

Each box contains 16 profiteroles, with four – the recommended serving size – containing 206 calories and 13.1g of sugar when eaten with the chocolate sauce included. Sold frozen, they need to be thawed for 30 minutes at room temperature or two hours in the fridge before consumption.

The profiteroles feature in Iceland’s ‘Luxury Desserts & Platters’ category, where they are sold alongside Baileys Éclairs Mini Pastries with a Baileys Flavoured Filling released earlier this year.

Both are manufactured by Holland-based bakery Van Diermen Masterbakers. The firm provides pastries for retail and foodservice, with a speciality in choux pastry.