Costa Express has installed its 6,000th self-serve coffee bar globally in Tesco High Wycombe and says it is on track to have more than 8,000 machines by 2020.

The chain has grown at an average of 70 new self-serve coffee bars every month, following the £59.5m acquisition of Coffee Nation in March 2011.

Machines are based in locations including forecourts, convenience stores and workplaces, making coffee using Costa’s freshly ground Mocha Italia blend.

Costa Express MD Murray McGowan said: “Costa Express has enjoyed tremendous growth from 877 machines in 2011 to 6,000 today. We’ve always been confident that we can deliver an unbeatable coffee experience to on-the-go customers by using interactive technology, great Costa coffee and fresh milk.”

The company had been able to export the concept to international markets and was encouraged by the results, signifying the appeal of the brand overseas and potential for further growth, he said.

In July Costa aimed to "broaden the scope of its market research efforts" through a new online insight community, which it named Costa Espression.