Italian baked goods supplier Crosta & Mollica has partnered with beer brand Birra del Borgo for its new beverage launch.

Customers who buy a pint of Birra del Borgo’s ’Lisa’ between 5pm and 8pm at selected on-trade sites will be given a free pack of Crosta & Mollica’s tarallini. A classic snack from Italy’s Puglia region, tarallini are dough rings that are boiled and then baked until crisp.

Birra del Borgo said tarallini pairs well with the new beer as their ingredients share Puglian origin. The beer is brewed using Senatore Cappelli wheat grain from the countryside of Puglia, and Italian orange peels.

Crosta & Mollica’s tarallini are made in a small family-owned bakery in central Puglia, from a traditional recipe using local durum wheat, extra virgin olive oil, and white wine. 

“We’re incredibly excited to bring this lager to the UK, as well as a touch of classic Italian aperitivo culture,” said Leonardo di Vincenzo, founder of Birra del Borgo.

“We strongly believe that the genuine simplicity of Italian style and culture can be expressed also through beer, creating a new standard of quality and originality.”