A former chef has restarted his father’s bakery on the site of the under-restoration windmill at Bardwell Mill, Suffolk.

Will Wooster opened the doors on September 16 after receiving positive feedback from selling his goods at the Wyken Vinyards Farmers’ Market in Bury St Edmunds.

Bardwell Mill’s main focus is on bread but the bakery also produces a range of pastries including croissants and brioche muffins filled with vanilla custard.

Wooster said: “The bread is my love and the cakes are a bit of fun.”

Although he produces artisan loaves such as ciabatta and sourdough, Wooster’s focus is on producing something for everyone and he says that he is not a bread snob.

He says “There is nothing better than bacon between a big slice of white bread.”

Wooster previously ran the kitchen at the George and Dragon in East Harling before moving to the under-restoration windmill site owned by his grandmother.