Genius Foods, the gluten-free brand, is hoping to “change the face” of the UK gluten-free bread market following changes to its recipes. 

All its bread recipes now boast low levels of saturated fat and high levels of fibre, as well as no artificial preservatives. The new recipes also include additional vitamins and minerals, with Omega 3 added to brown and seeded loaves and calcium and iron added to white loaves.

Genius said this would “closer align” the loaves to traditional bakery products.

The company said the loaves “boast low levels of saturated fat and high levels of fibre” with some lines also containing Omega 3 or iron.

The company’s brown and seeded loaves now contain Omega 3, while the white loaves contain calcium and iron. The low saturated fat, lack of artificial preservatives and high fibre messages are communicated on new packaging.

Roz Cuschieri, chief executive, said: “Taste remains the number one consideration for purchase within the gluten-free category. However, our consumers are increasingly conscious about the nutritional profile of their bread, and we always listen to our customers.

“We felt there were no products in the market that met both of these demands and, as category-leader; we’re perfectly positioned to pave the way for a new generation of gluten-free bread.”

The loaves also contain a natural preservative, which Genius said gave the products three extra days on the shelf.

Genius hit the headlines in June this year after 25 products, including Genius-branded and supermarket own-label, were recalled following a gluten contamination at its plant in Bathgate near Edinburgh.