Macphie has added a new Cherry Bakewell flavour to its Sensations range of mixes.

Inspired by “a surge in popularity of nostalgic classic flavours”, the addition is a complete powder mix for the production of Cherry Bakewell flavoured cake.

The new Sensations mix contains fruit-based chips which form “pockets of fruity juiciness” when baked, adding a new level of moistness to the crumb.

The product comes as a complete mix which only requires the addition of water and oil to make tray bakes, loaf cakes, cupcakes or muffins. The batter and baked products are both freeze- and thaw-stable.

The addition to the Sensations range has been inspired by a surge in popularity of nostalgic classic flavours, brought on by programmes such as The Great British Bake Off. It’s available in 12.5kg bags with a nine month shelf life.

Category marketing executive, Catherine Low, said: “In 2015 the Bakewell tart was voted the nations preferred treat, with over a quarter of people naming it their favourite.

“The nostalgic flavour has seen a huge surge in popularity and is appearing in products ranging from snacks and biscuits to protein powder and vodka, so we’re confident this new addition will appeal to customers.”

Last month Macphie launched a new shimmer finishing gel for baked goods, desserts and savoury dishes.