McVitie’s Cake Company has revealed its Christmas 2013 festive line-up.

Included for this year is McVitie’s Temptations Christmas Cake (RRP £1.65) containing a chocolate sponge, Irish Cream liqueur topping, covered with milk chocolate and Christmas Dark Chocolate Swirls (£1.65) with sponge wrapped in chocolate cream and covered in dark chocolate. The Christmas Mint Digestive Slices (£1.65) include mint digestive biscuit topped with milk chocolate, while Christmas Orange Digestive Slices (£1.65) are made with orange digestive biscuit, decorated with milk chocolate.

Returning for 2013 are Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses Cake Bar (£1.30), McVitie’s Penguin Yule Logs (£1) and a Jamaica Rum Ginger Cake (£1.30). Also, the infamous Pole of Jaffa Cakes has returned in-store.

In the biscuit range, McVitie’s has brought out a new selection containing a combination of premium and everyday biscuits. Featuring a festive design with small biscuit soldiers, the 500g tin (£8.80) includes a selection to suit different tastes.

The brand is also releasing McVitie’s Mini Gingerbread Men and McVitie’s Mini Digestives Festive Shapes, containing a range of shaped biscuits such as Christmas trees and reindeers, are available in 80g cartons (£1).

Returning with a new packaging design, the Jacob’s Heritage Assortment celebrates 125 years of Jacob’s baking, and is available in a 500g tin (£11). The new design features a vintage high street at Christmas with children playing and presents being bought.