Pladis has launched a £9.7m advertising campaign called ‘Sweeter Together’ for its McVitie’s brand.

Launched on 9 March on prime-time channels such as ITV, the 60-second series of adverts brings to life the role a biscuit plays in everyday lives, according to McVitie’s.

The push follows the brand’s previous ‘Sweeet’ activity, featuring cute animals.

The first new advert features a tower crane operator who sees his work colleague below enjoying a tea break. He waves, and is not seen, convinced he has been forgotten about. He is later surprised with a cup of tea and McVitie’s biscuits that have been lifted up to him on a steel beam.

A second advert will air later this year as part of the campaign, telling a story of a woman feeling nervous during her first day in a new job until a new colleague offers around a packet of McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes.

“We know that, despite being more connected than ever before digitally, we’re drifting further away from those real human connections that can mean the most,” said Pladis vice-president of marketing Sarah Heynen.

“That’s why we’re so excited about our new ‘Sweeter Together’ campaign, because it has a very real message about the importance of togetherness. And we believe McVitie’s enables these moments every day.”

As part of the launch, a major in-store promotion will be running across all McVitie’s Biscuits.