Filled naan bread range Naansters has been given a new and improved recipe and a vegetarian option.

Naansters chicken variants now contain double the amount of meat, while the products have been redesigned so they can be eaten cold straight from the fridge. They can also be heated in the microwave in 90 seconds.

In addition to the new recipe Chicken Tikka, Beef Madras and Balti Chicken variants, the range has been expanded with a Chickpea Curry flavour containing chickpeas and cauliflower in a tikka sauce, pilau rice and mango chutney.

Part of the Jake and Nayns’ brand, Naansters are available in Sainsbury’s, Nisa and forecourts with a £2 recommended retail price. The range was a finalist at the 2017 Baking Industry Awards in the Bakery Innovation of the Year category.

“Our ambition is to bring world cuisine ready-meal flavours to the on-the-go category by offering a more healthy, tasty and convenient option to what’s already on the market,” said Jake Karia, managing director of Naansters producer Food Attractions.

“With our innovative handcrafted production technique, Naansters can be enjoyed absolutely anywhere – hot or cold. We are also delighted with the newly launched Chickpea Curry which we hope will open up the ‘on-the-go’ doors to many more people.”