Grupo Bimbo-owned New York Bakery Co has expanded its out-of-home range with three new buns.

The additions are a Cheese Topped Bun, Cheese & Bacon Topped Bun and a Star Shaped Bun. New York Bakery Co said the range would allow it to target new markets and parts of the day, with the aim of adding value to the sandwich and burger carrier category.

The NPD underwent consumer testing in which three in five participants said they would choose a cheese-topped bun out of home. Additionally, half of those who tasted the Cheese and Cheese & Bacon Topped buns said they ‘liked’ or ‘extremely liked’ them.

The Star Shaped Bun, designed to fit on children’s and festive menus, was ‘liked’ or ‘extremely liked’ by 63% of participants. New York Bakery Co said the Star Shaped Bun was “ideal for outlets looking to capitalise on family footfall”.

“We’re constantly striving to innovate our range of baked goods and are excited to be unveiling our latest range. Our customers trust us to develop only the very best quality products and we’re certain that our latest NPD will not disappoint,” said Philippa Knight, marketing manager out-of-home at New York Bakery Co.

“As we move into newer territory, we are confident that the Topped & Star buns will bring just as much enjoyment to any dining occasion.”