Puratos is rolling out 10kg packs of its Sapore Medea and Sapore Rigoletto sourdoughs, targeted at smaller bakery businesses.

The new packs are designed to drive trial of the range and to be more convenient for smaller businesses that might have less storage space than larger-scale bakeries. The standard pack sizes for the sourdoughs is 25kg.

Puratos said the highly concentrated products had been created using the company’s “expertise in natural fermentation and its extensive knowledge of baking cultures from all over the world”.

Sapore Medea can be used to create French, Italian and San Francisco-style sourdough breads and is described as having butter-enhancing notes. Sapore Rigoletto has been developed for white tin breads, buns and toast breads.

 “With consumer interest in both sourdough and artisan products on the rise, we are sure the new smaller packs will enable a greater number of bakers to experiment with sourdough and, in turn, offer more customers the chance to enjoy its taste, quality and variety,” said Puratos digital and communications manager Lydia Baines.