Roberts Bakery is rolling out luxury hot cross buns in Tesco that are made using white loaves that would have otherwise gone to waste.

The Ultimate Hot Cross Buns – described as having a golden, luxury enriched dough infused with orange oil and real fruit pieces – mark the bakery’s first foray into using ingredients that would have previously gone to waste.

They feature ‘upcycled bread ferment’, which is made from misshapen white loaves that would otherwise end up in the bin. These are added to a fermenter, along with other ingredients, to create a sponge that is then added to the hot cross bun mix.

Each four-pack has an rsp of £1.39 and each bun contains 190 calories per serving.

“We like to think we’ve created the ultimate snack and teatime treat with this latest luxurious addition to our range,” said Alison Ordonez, director of innovation at Roberts Bakery.

“The enriched dough makes for a light and springy texture and upcycling bread ferment adds to this, while supporting our superb sustainability credentials.”

To further the buns’ eco credentials, Roberts has packaged them in paper, which it says can easily be recycled at home. Roberts already rolled out paper packaging across its core 800g range in June last year.

Using surplus items to create new ones is gaining traction in the food and drink market. One of the most notable launches in bakery was Gail’s Waste-less Sourdough in September 2018. The loaves are made by turning surplus bread into porridge, which is added to new dough.

For advice on how to use this method to use leftover bread, check out our Porridge breads guide: how to soak, shape and bake.