London-based Rinkoffs Bakery has cited social media for the success of its Crodough.

Using Facebook, the bakery has encouraged customers to share a ‘selfie’ - a self-photo - with the Crodough in an online competition, including the hashtag #crodoughme.

Rinkoffs currently has over 1,900 Facebook followers .

Launched in July, the bakery’s Crodough is a take on the well-known New York Cronut, the brainchild of Dominique Ansel.

A spokesperson for the bakery said that the creation had been very successful, and confirmed that it will remain on the bakery’s menu in the New Year.

Flavours include raspberry, chocolate fudge, custard and toffee apple crumble. A new Christmas Crodough has also been released for the season, containing a mince pie custard filling, and decorated with white icing and sugar paste holly leaves.