St Pierre Groupe has been given the Queens Award for Enterprise in recognition of its growth in overseas sales.

The manufacturer, which rebranded from Carrs Foods in March, received the prize, having increased its annual international sales by 159% over the past three years. It has had notable growth in the US market, where it has exclusive listings at Kroger, Meijer, Safeway and Target.

A St Pierre Groupe spokesperson told British Baker winning the award was “an incredible honour” and that it provided “phenomenal recognition for [the group’s] success”.

St Pierre Groupe added that it hoped to inspire other businesses with how it had achieved substantial growth overseas – particularly with Brexit looming.

International sales now make up 51% of St Pierre Group’s revenue, and its export range contains more than 85 products, listed in more than 35,000 stores worldwide.

The manufacturer said that, 60% of its volume was in the US and that its turnover was forecast to nearly double in the next three years, with the aim of reaching £150m by 2022.

St Pierre Groupe said it would look to develop “solid partnerships” with key US retailers, working closely with them to ensure the products fit US customer needs. It added it would increase awareness via social media, PR and trade and consumer marketing.