Weetabix will be launching a new range of biscuit products targeted at the breakfast on-the-go market.

The cereal manufacturer’s Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Biscuits range is available in three flavour varieties: milk and cereal, apple with a hint of cinnamon, and fruit and fibre.

Products benefit from being high in fibre, a source of calcium and fortified with a range of vitamins, including folic acid and  iron. The company added that a serving of four biscuits provides the same fibre, vitamin and mineral content of two Weetabix.

Weetabix has launched the single 50g four-biscuit packs this week (14 January), throughout convenience and high street retailers, while a 250g box containing five individual packs of four biscuits will be introduced to the market on 21 January throughout the multiples.

Ben Cooper, group brand manager at Weetabix, said:“We know that, on some days for a variety of reasons, people just don’t make time for a traditional breakfast, and many of them aren’t happy snacking or not eating through to lunchtime. We wanted to provide the solution of a delicious biscuit that delivers wholegrain Weetabix fuel and is better for you than those available.”

Weetabix is injecting £6m worth of media spend into the launch, which will include national TV advertising, an outdoor advertising campaign, PR, product sampling, shopper marketing and digital activity.

Hovis decided to make a move into the category last September with the launch of its Breakfast Bakes range.