The best bacon sarnie revealed

A survey has revealed the nation’s favorite way to eat a bacon sarnie is in white bread, with smoked bacon and brown sauce.

Research by Direct Line for Business, the insurance company, revealed that when it came to bacon sandwiches, 25% of Britons preferred their meat between sliced white bread, while 21% preferred a white bap.

Other favorite bread preferences included tiger bread and farmhouse bread, both preferred by 12% of people each.

Brown bread and baguettes came out sorest in the survey, with 6% and 5% of Britons preferring it with a bacon buttie respectively.

The research also found there was a clear East-west divide when it came to ketchup or brown sauce- with the East preferring tomato ketchup, while those in the West of England went for brown sauce, such as HP or Daddies.    

While many preferred a classic sarnie, if they were to change it up 31% would add an egg, 17% would add mushrooms and 14% would add cheese.

Some more unusual suggestions included adding lightly fried banana and avocado.

The research was conducted amongst a representative sample of 1003 UK adults between 12th and 14th January 2015.

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