Sandwiches are three times as popular as salads among the people of Britain with the baguette coming out on top. 

The research by Planglow for British Sandwich Week (10 to 16 May) defies the popularity of low-carb diets and the rise of food allergies – particularly those to gluten and wheat. The results, based on the sales of more than 20 million of its packaging products over the 12 months to 31 March 2015, indicate that just 2.8% of grab-and-go choices are comprised of salads compared to nearly one in three (31%) filled French sticks.

It also found that consumers have become more discerning, with 18% of sandwiches and wraps made to order.

Consumers in South Wales and the West of England were the biggest fans of baguettes overall (29% of total products sold in the area) but the least likely to have their sandwich made to order (2.9%) or consume a beverage out of home (6%). North Wales plus the North, East and West of England, also favoured baguettes over all other to-go-options.

The classic deep-fill triangular cut sandwich maintains a strong edge in the ‘grab and go’ market, with one in four sandwich products being produced in this way. While standard-fill wedges – which tend to be offered as more economical or reduced-calorie options – comprise just 3.3% of all sandwich sales. And pre-made wraps – also perceived as a lower-carb option – account for a similarly small bite of the market (3.6%).

Rachael Sawtell, Planglow’s marketing director, said: “We know sandwiches – especially baguettes – have been a favourite for some time though we were surprised at how significantly the French stick now dominates the grab-and-go market given the perceived preference for healthier choices. And while more nutritional and allergen information is being displayed on food and drink packaging than ever before, our sales suggest consumers still favour the sandwich when it comes to eating on the go.”