High fibre rye bread on floury surface

Source: Getty Images

Publication date: April

Editorial submissions date: 24 March

Editorial contact: amy.north@wrbm.com


Bakery manufacturers, retailers and suppliers are on a mission to help the nation meet its RDA for fibre intake – a task which has proven challenging in the past.

There have been several recent developments in this area. Co-op, for example, is boosting the fibre in its own label sandwich bread, Puratos has created a micro powder made from by-products of certain processes which can boost fibre content, and Bridor has rolled out fibre-enriched loaves.

This feature will explore these developments and more to find out what more needs to be done to help Brits get 30g of fibre a day.

Key questions this feature will explore are:

  • Why are most UK adults struggling to meet their RDA of fibre?
  • What part do bakery manufacturers, product developers and so on have to play in this?
  • What scientific developments have been made in recent years that can help?
  • Which high-fibre ingredients are best suited for bakery?
  • What technical challenges are presented when it comes to increasing fibre in baked goods?
  • How can the benefits of baked goods be communicated to consumers?