Takeaway coffee cup and two croissants

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Publication date: April

Editorial submissions date: 25 March

Editorial contact: jerome.smail@wrbm.com


Should bakeries be paying more attention to coffee and other hot beverages?

This feature will explore the importance of a hot beverage offering – such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate – to bakeries of all sizes.

Key questions this feature will explore are:

  • How much of an opportunity do hot beverages present to bakeries?
  • Has this changed as a result of the pandemic?
  • What should a hot beverage offering look like and how does this vary depending on location, size of bakery and so on?
  • What are the benefits and challenges to this?
  • If a bakery doesn’t currently offer hot beverages, how do they get started?
  • What are the options and what level of investment is required for each?
  • When choosing a supplier, what are the key factors a bakery needs to consider?
  • How do you balance a hot beverage menu with a bakery menu?

This feature will also include case studies of bakeries, their hot beverage offering and suppliers.