This article will examine the use of sourdough in baked goods other than bread.

  • Publication date:  7 April 2020
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 16 March 2020
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Use of sourdough continues to extend beyond the traditional bread loaf format into categories including pizza, morning goods and sweet treats.

This article will examine the development of such products, and look at the benefits and challenges of adding sourdough to baked products other than bread.

Key topic areas will include:

  • What are the process and recipe challenges of using sourdough in non-bread products
  • Are particular styles of sourdough more suited to certain applications?
  • What impact can use of sourdough have on shelf life of non-bread products?

BOX-OUT: Sourdough labelling

This will examine proposals by ABIM for sourdough labelling and marketing. What stage are these proposals at, and what happens next?